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Aquí vuestros resultados. Me alegro os haya gustado hacer mi tutorial. Gracias!!
Here yours results. I'm glad you like make my tutorial. Thanks!
Voici vos résultats. Je suis heureux que vous ayez aimé faire mon tutoriel. Merci!!

Mary's result - Thanks!!

Nelly's result - Thanks!

Jamie's result - Thanks!!

Tammy's result - Thanks!!

Anniebel's result - Thanks!!

Isabelle's result - Thanks!

(Withangel)Tammy's result - Thanks

Lisa Marie's result - Thanks

Tati's result - thanks!

Debby's result - Thanks!!

Adorable's result - Thanks!

Sara's result - Thanks!!

Result of Scrinbbles - Thanks!

Beth's result - Thanks!

Lorie's result - Thanks!!
Gracias chicas! Thanks girls! Merci ma belles!


Thanks for yours wonderful gifts I'll add in my next new SigTags-Collection II page.
I'm very happy with you all results.