About TCG (Trading Cards Game)

It’s a fun game for all pixel drawing lovers. If you want to know what the game is like, read here below.

The game consists of exchanging cards. To do this, you must make card sets on a specific topic (there are multiple categories). Each set consists of 10 cards + 1 Mastercard + 1 certificate worth 5 cards (you has to make it for yourself as a prize, for you).

The ultimate purpose of the game is to collect as many Mastercard as you can every month. For example, this is a set of cards about winter:

And this is the relevant prize card:

Every month events, challenges, contests, games, etc. are proposed and organized according to the imagination of the members.

By participating in these activities, you get certificates worth a few cards.
With these certificates you will exchange/redeem the card sets made – by other members or by yourself – that you wish to have.

This is an example of a prize/certificate. When you have certificates worth 10 cards you can ask a complete card-set of your choice to the member who made it.

Each member can decide to organize an event of their choice and prepare a prize for those who participate. Everything is organized online, including the result/work of the various members.
Indeed, another aim of the game is to make members free to organize what they want ☺

To this purpose, online there is a calendar in which each member can enter the activity they want to organize and the related date.

What do you need to play?:

First, if you decide to play, you have to ask a password to login to TCG (here), then you must build your own TCG website in which you must include the following sections:

- Mastercards
- Certificates
- Wishcards (are wild cards that can be used as the certificates).
- Members

- About you
- Cards what you collect
- Events (all the activities that you carry out during the month will be included here, in case you want to create subcategories)
Of course in your personal TCG site you decide to add and show whatever you like.

It should be added that the game is organized on the WordPress platform , so if you don’t know WordPress and want to get an idea of how it works, loot at the link below that show you how to make a post (It’s very simple, not unlike writing an email):


♥ New members are welcome! ♥

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